Request Your FREE Badass Beard Care Sample Pack

Request Your FREE Badass Beard Care Sample Pack

This FREE offer is for men only. Yet you might find all you need in this extended Beard Care Sample Pack. The pack includes:

  • 1x Trial Size Oil
  • 1x Trial Size Balm
  • 1x Beard Wash
  • Beard Balm Pick
  • Badass Beard Care Sticker

How big are the samples and how do I use them? Depending on beard length one Trial Pack will last 3-5 uses. What's the catch? No strings attached, no hidden charges, no spam, no re-occuring charges. Just a free sample! How many samples can I get? You can get one trial size oil and balm and one Sample size wash for FREE! Additional Trial Packs can be added to your cart for only $4 and Sample Washes for $3. If you would like more than 3 Trial Packs, check-out our discounted kits at the bottom of this page.

Yet please bear in mind that you should pay $1.95 for shipping fees.


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