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Get your free TENA intimates Pad Sample Kit

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TENA Intimates Heavy Free Trial Kit. Designed for those experiencing heavier leaks or surge incontinence, ...

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Woman's intimate hygiene is a delicate subject of discourse. We know that you don't want to share any details of your preferences in such a matter. However, sometimes, you desire to try something new. How about changing your pad brand? Please take a look at the free pad sample offers above, and pick your new brand. Some of them offer free period kit samples, while the others only pad samples. In any case, you now have a choice. Perhaps, the decision in such a delicate matter that you made today might allow you to eliminate most of your regular issues tomorrow. However, please bear in mind, most of the offers last for a week or less. So you must hurry up to get your free pad sample right now. Don't miss your chance.

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