Request FREE 'Like You, Only Different' Stickers

Request FREE 'Like You, Only Different' Stickers

Animals can solve problems, anticipate the future, learn from past mistakes, and recognize old friends. They’re also capable of showing appreciation to those who help them, enjoying music, communicating with each other, and having empathy for others. Speak up for all animals with our free stickers!

This form limits the requester to one order per e-mail address every 30 days. At this time, orders can be shipped to PETA members in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. ONLY. All fields in bold are mandatory.


How To request free 'like you, only different' stickers?

In order to request free 'like you, only different' stickers, just simply click "Get FREEBIE," and you will see the free offer in a new tab. Next, go to the official website of the manufacturer and follow the further instructions to request free 'like you, only different' stickers. Note that TVGIST isn't responsible for any free offers published on the website, including the one titled "request free 'like you, only different' stickers" and only provides you direct links to free stuff. If you don't want to miss new free offers, we suggest you explore more freebies in the Free Magnets and Stickers category, browse latest free samples, stuff & trials following the links below, subscribe to our newsletters and attend TVGIST occasionally as well.

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