Large Pasture-Raised Eggs By Vital Farms

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Large Pasture-Raised Eggs By Vital Farms

Individuals seeking top quality, nutrient dense eggs may delight in consuming Large Pasture-Raised Eggs produced by Vital Farms. Unlike regular store bought eggs, each Vital Farm egg provides several advantageous traits due to the manner hens producing these eggs were elevated. Most notably is how these particular hens weren’t confined but allowed outside to relish in nature while growing up. To top things off, there won't any GMO concerns since only verified Non-GMO Project Verified grain feeds are provided to them throughout maturity years. These attributes jointly bring us consumers tastier-looking with comparatively larger yellows and increased mineral content specifically concerning Vitamin B12 & Omega 3 oils, Vitamin D, plus much stronger, concentrated flavor for daily use.

It's also great to note that a company named American Humane Association vouches for better than typical humane treatment involving how these free ranged chickens are reared by selected distant farms.

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