Free Vegan Broth By Ocean's Halo

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Free Vegan Broth By Ocean's Halo

Ocean's Halo makes vegan broth that contains neither meat nor seafood; no fish sauce is included, although some other products include a bit of soy milk or almond milk. Some of their broths contain garlic but many do not - you should check the ingredients on the label if this matters to you. All of these broths are made without any added salt or sugar and most have relatively few calories -- around 30 per serving in a little over half a cup (120 ml) of liquid. Most have under five grams of carbohydrates, and usually less than three grams; there are exceptions for chicken soup where one might expect more nutrients from the bone marrow, and lentil soup which has some pasta and vegetables along with its protein source. Almost all varieties can be ordered online. These include kosher certification options as well as non dairy milks. For vegans who want something other than water while eating crackers, reading books, or doing other quiet activities at home alone or with friends or roommates, this provides welcome variety: mushroom, porcini, sweet potato, pho, coconut curry.

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