Free Reedle Shot Line & Daily Soothing Mask Worth $124.81

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Free Reedle Shot Line & Daily Soothing Mask Worth $124.81

REEDLE Shot, an extraordinary skin starter, serves as a nocturnal care elixir meticulously employed in the inaugural phase of one's skincare regimen. It is imperative to administer this prodigious potion prior to engaging in the customary skincare routine. The essence of REEDLE Shot resides in the cica reedles ensconced within its composition, resembling delicate, minuscule needles that, upon penetrating the skin's stratum corneum, may elicit a tingling sensation. Rest assured, this tingling sensation is deemed customary and expected. It is of paramount importance to grant your skin a period of adjustment during this juncture, thereby necessitating an initial application of modest proportions, gradually augmenting the dosage over time. Additionally, contingent upon personal predilections, one may opt to elongate the usage interval to approximately 3 to 5 days. Subsequent to the utilization of REEDLE Shot, it is advisable to incorporate a water-based product into your skincare routine to optimize the efficacy of the moisturizing regimen.

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