Free Breathewell Filtered Nasal Dilator

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Free Breathewell Filtered Nasal Dilator

The breathe WELL nasal dilator is a simple medical device designed to help open up narrow nostrils for easier breathing. This small silicone plug fits comfortably inside one nostril, gently expanding the tissue over time to increase airflow and reduce congestion. In doing so, the dilator helps alleviate symptoms associated with nasal obstruction caused by allergies, colds, flus, asthma, deviated septum, or simply sleeping on your back while wearing contacts. By improving nasal ventilation, this discreet wearable may also enhance overall sense of smell (including taste) and promote better restfulness while sleeping.

The device ships in two differently sized versions: S/M or M/L. A matching carrying case comes included to keep both pieces together and clean on your nightstand or while traveling. Initial adjustment may cause temporary tenderness, which should subside within days of consistent use. Rinsing before initial application is recommended. There are no reported side effects beyond those expected during normal exercise: increased heart rate, sweating lightheadedness. As usage progresses, the soft material will eventually mold into a custom fit based upon individual physiology.

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